Pengaruh Jenis Prebiotik terhadap Kualitas Yogurt Probiotik

Ekawati Purwijantiningsih


Prebiotics are variety of nondigestible carbohydrates that help promote the growth of
good bacteria in the intestines. Prebiotics are found naturally in legumes, vegetables,
fruits and tubers. Soybean, banana and tapioca are supposed to have potential as
prebiotics, promote a healthy digestive system and reduce the growth of harmful
bacteria. Soybean, banana and tapioca were investigatedon their abilities to promote
the quality of probiotic yogurt. Soybean flour addition to probiotic yogurt most
potential to promote nutrition value and lactic acid bacteria viability. The most
preference of probiotic yogurt by panelists is probiotic yogurt added tapioca.

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