Akumulasi dan Toksisitas Effluen yang Mengandung Kromium pada Ikan Gupi (Poecilia reticulata)

Djohan Djohan


Accumulation and toxicityofchromium in leather-tannery effluent on guppies were
investigated. An acute (96 hour) statictoxicitytestingusing 5 serialdilution of the
effluentwas conducted. Each serial dilution consisted of 3 replicates, with each
replicate contained 5litres of diluted effluent and 10 fish. Theeffluent was diluted
0.2%to 3.2%(v/v).Theconcentrations of chromium in thedilutedeffluent and fish
range from 0.9 - 9.1 µg.mL
and 1.4 - 58.9 µg.g
w.w, respectively. Bioconcentration
factors inthisstudy vary from 1 to 39, with a median value of 6.2. The values of LC50
and ILC50are 4.2 µg.mL
and 56 µg.g
w.w, respectively. The results show that
chromiumaccumulates in guppy and causesacute toxicity. A comparison withthe
concentrations of chromium in effluent, water, and fish from otherstudies was also

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24002/biota.v14i1.653


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