Analisis Pola Persebaran Pornografi pada Media Sosial dengan Social Network Analysis

Muchamad Taufiq Anwar


The rise of social media had opened up an easy and fast way to distribute pornographic content through it. Although the negative effects linked to porn consumption are still inconclusive, government had established regulation regarding porn creation, distribution, and ownership. Unfortunately, the regulation is not well run. Porn are freely distributed through social media without any reaction from the authorities. This reseach aims to understand the distribution pattern and to find key players in the distribution of porn in social media using Social Network Analysis (SNA) so that mitigative actions could be made. Result shows that porn were first published by popular ‘Publisher’ accounts, re-shared by other publisher accounts or ‘Retweeters’, and unidirectionally consumed by followers (‘Consumers’). Interpretation and research limitations were discussed.

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