Analisis Pengaruh Citra Gelap, Normal, Terang Terhadap Wavelet Orthogonal

Novera Kristianti, Niwayan Purnawati, Bryand Rolando


An image of dark images, grouped into a normal image, and the image of the light. The classification of the image become dark color visible from the histogram and the value of mu. The image consists of information and redundancies. The use of wavelet image compression effective in votes and decrease memory usage as well as create devices become faster. In this research, conducted an analysis of the influence of the dark image, the image of the normal and the image of the light against the orthogonal wavelet. In this study, PSNR is used to compare some of the functions of the orthogonal wavelet (wavelet orthogonal function 17) in a dark image compression, image of normal and bright image. PSNR measurement parameter is often used for the measurement of quality of image reconstruction, which is then compared with the original image. Compression ratio is used to measure the reduction of the size of the data after the compression process. Based on research on a dark image, the image is normal, and the image of the light of the results obtained has the highest Haar wavelet PSNR for all testing and image to the highest compression ratios on all test image is Symlet 8.

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