Pemanfaatan Potensi Desa dan Penerapan Protokol Kesehatan di Sektor Pariwisata Desa Karangwuni, Kecamatan Wates, Kabupaten Kulon Progo


  • LPPM


Karangwuni Village, Wates District, Kulon Progo, is located in a coastal area and has a lot of  potential such as Tanjung Adikarta tourism, mangrove, shrimp pond, iron sand mine, and farming. However, due to COVID-19 pandemic, all activities including tourism should follow the health protocols enforced by government. The potential of this village is obtained from researching about the Karangwuni Village area. The purpose of holding this KKN (community service or kuliah kerja nyata) is to provide inputs and ideas for developing the  village potentials, to promote health protocol in the tourism sector in order to prevent the infection of coronavirus, and to  introduce Karangwuni Village to internet users. The research method used in this project included mapping the data that must be collected, searching and analyzing the data obtained, and compiling into ebook and video. The ebook and video are expected to promote Karangwuni Village, both in the tourism and culinary fields, and to provide understanding on how to find the village potentials using valid data. The implication is that this activity can help Karangwuni Village to develop its potentials.


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