Usulan pemetaan potensi desa dan penyuluhan edukasi berita palsu di Desa Gotakan


  • LPPM


Currently, the spread of false information or what we know as hoax is increasing. Advances in technology have also contributed to the rapid spread of this fake news. This phenomenon of increasing hoax spread can lead to doubts aims to provide an overview of fake news or hoaxes and provide a way to overcome and anticipate so that people, especially the people of Gotakan Village, are expected to be wise in spreading information. Gotakan Village is a village located in Panjatan District, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta Special Region. As many as 38.69% of Gotakan Village residents work as farmers due to the geographical conditions and the location of Gotakan Village which is suitable for farming. Therefore, agricultural business is a potential that can be developed even more. In its development, farmers in villages often face problems with funding and agricultural education. Therefore, the problem of funding and education can be resolved by establishing a Village Agricultural Cooperative that can be used by residents as a means of developing and starting agricultural businesses in Gotakan Village. The community can use Agricultural Cooperatives (Koptan) as a forum for developing knowledge, both knowledge about agriculture and financial management knowledge.