Call for Paper - Volume 3 No.1 2023


[Call for Paper Announcement]

Dear Author,

We kindly invite you to submit a high-quality research paper for JARINA Vol.3 No.1, 2024 which covers the topics mentioned below but are not limited to :
• History of artificial intelligence in architecture
• Philosophy of artificial intelligence in architecture
• Hardware and software supporting artificial intelligence in architecture (big data, laser 3D scanner, etc.)
• Digital technology in architecture education
• Best practices of digital application in architectural works
• Presentation techniques (animation, holograph, etc.)
•Modelling (parametric, building information modeling, hypersurface, etc.)
• Simulation(lighting, acoustics, ventilation, structure, tsunami, earthquake, fire, urban heat island,)
• Digital fabrication
• Human activities(public movement, body movement, etc.)
• Gameworld (virtual architecture, avatar, cyberspace, etc.)
• Intelligent architecture (smart building, building automation, etc.)
• Mixed reality(hyper-reality, augmented virtual reality, etc.)
• Artificial intelligence (machine learning, deep learning, neuro-computer interface, etc.)
• Digital architect (intelligent architect, design automation, architect-less architecture design, etc.)

Herewith our upcoming agenda:

JARINA Vol. 3 No. 1, 2024
Submission Period      : August - December 2023
Submission Deadline    : December 8th, 2023
Letter of Acceptance     : After Reviewed
Published                   : February 2024

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--JARINA Editorial Team--