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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The submitted papers have never been published or are in the process of submission to other journals.
  • The submission is on the format of .doc (must be .doc and NOT .docx) Microsoft Word with 10-15 pages. 
  • The title has been written with Times New Roman Bold as the font and size of 17, left aligned, unjustified, and with no indentation.
  • Similarity score must be below 20%. Please kindly check your own similarity score using Turnitin, iThenticate, or other plagiarism checking tools
  • The submitted papers must follow the format below:
      1. Font: Times New Roman; size: 11
      2. Single line spacing writing
      3. Paragraphs must be justified.
      4. The first paragraph after section or subsection heading may not be indented, the next paragraph must be indented 5mm. 
  • References must use IEEE style. It is suggested to use Mendeley in order to manage references.
  • The references used have to be 15 (minimum) and 80% of the references coming from journals. It is also highly suggested to use recent references (less than 10 years sources) unless they are essential (more than 10 sources).

Author Guidelines

Before submitting your paper, make sure it fits the following framework.





1. Introduction

2. Method

3. Result

4. Discussion

5. Conclusion




The total pages of each paper are 10-15 pages. The template can be downloaded here.


Explanations on each part of the paper:


The title has to be short, dense, and clear. It covers keywords from the research concept and observed variables.


An abstract has to give summary to the readers about the article’s content, main result, and conclusion. This section is not part of the text and must be complete; no table numbers, pictures, references, or math expressions shown. An abstract must not have more than 250 words within one paragraph.


This section contains maximum 5 most important words from the paper, separated by comma (,).


Introduction covers background, research questions, aim of the research, and writing organizations.


Methodology covers steps on conducting research.

Result and Discussion

This section contains result of the research along with its discussions.


This section contains conclusion and suggestion from the research.


The researchers may want to show gratitude to all support from coworkers, the technical staffs or financial support from particular organizations.


IJIS uses IEEE style. It is suggested to make references using Mendeley tools with total 15 (minimum) references and more than 80% of the references coming from journals. It is also highly suggested to use recent references (less than 10 years sources) unless they are essential (more than 10 years sources).  

Privacy Statement

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