A Survey of Face Recognition based on Convolutional Neural Network


  • Raymond Erz Saragih Universitas Universal
  • Quynh Huong To Yuan Ze University




Convolutional Neural Network, Deep Learning, Face Recognition, Survey


Face recognition is one of the interesting research topics in the field of computer vision. In recent years, deep learning methods, especially the Convolutional Neural Network, have progressed. One of the successes of CNN is in face recognition. Face recognition by computer is a technique done so that the computer can automatically recognize faces in an image. Various researchers have conducted related research on facial recognition. This survey presents researches related to face recognition based on Convolutional Neural Network that has been conducted. The studies used are studies that have been published in the last five years. It was performed to determine the renewal that emerged in face recognition based on Convolutional Neural Network. The basic theory of the Convolutional Neural Network, face recognition, and description of the database used in various researches are also discussed. Hopefully, this survey can provide additional knowledge regarding face recognition based on the Convolutional Neural Network.

Author Biographies

Raymond Erz Saragih, Universitas Universal

Department of Informatics Engineering

Quynh Huong To, Yuan Ze University

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management


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