Priority Scheduling Implementation for Exam Schedule


  • Muhammad Irwan Yanwari Politeknik Negeri Semarang
  • Anton Satria Prabuwono
  • Tri Raharjo Yudantoro
  • Nurseno Bayu Aji
  • Wiktasari
  • Slamet Handoko



Scheduling is a common problem that has been raised for a long time. Many algorithms have been created for this problem. Some algorithms offer flexibility in terms of constraints and complex operations. Because of that complexity, many algorithms will need huge computation resources and execution time. A platform like a web application has many restrictions such as execution time and computation resources. A complex algorithm is not suited for the web application platform. Priority scheduling is a scheduling algorithm based on a priority queue. Every schedule slot will produce a queue based on the constraints. Each constraint will have a different weight. Weight in queue represents their priority. This algorithm provides a light algorithm that only needs a few computations and execution times. The exam schedule is one of many problems in educational institutions. A web application is a popular platform that can be accessed from everywhere. Many educational institutions use web platforms as their main system platform. Web platforms have some restrictions such as execution time. Due to web platform restrictions, priority scheduling is a suitable algorithm for this platform. In this study, the author tries to implement a priority scheduling algorithm in scheduling cases with a website platform and shows that this algorithm solution can be an alternative for solving scheduling cases with low computational resources.




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Yanwari, M. I., Prabuwono, A. S. ., Yudantoro, T. R. ., Aji, N. B. ., Wiktasari, & Handoko , S. . (2023). Priority Scheduling Implementation for Exam Schedule. Indonesian Journal of Information Systems, 5(2), 80–89.