SVM-PSO Algorithm for Tweet Sentiment Analysis #BesokSenin


  • Anggita Dewi Novia Wardhani Susanto Universitas Sanata Dharma
  • Hari Suparwito Universitas Sanata Dharma



The hashtag #BesokSenin is a hashtag that is often trending on Indonesian Twitter on Sunday evenings. Many Indonesian Twitter users expressed their feelings about welcoming Monday using the hashtag #BesokSenin. The tweet containing #BesokSenin is known to be a motivational sentence to welcome Monday full of joy or a disappointed sentence because you have to return to your routine after taking a holiday on Saturday and Sunday. This study conducts sentiment analysis to find out the opinions of netizens on welcoming Mondays. The tweet data used is tweet data with the hashtag #BesokSenin and the keywords school, work, assignments, and college. The classification method used is the Support Vector Machine algorithm, which is optimized using the Particle Swarm Optimization method to optimize the performance of the Support Vector Machine algorithm. Results of 80% accuracy were obtained by applying the Support Vector Machine model based on Particle Swarm Optimization. This accuracy is superior to 1% compared to the results of accuracy using the usual Support Vector Machine model, which equals 79%. This shows that Particle Swarm  Optimization can optimize the accuracy of the Support Vector Machine algorithm.




How to Cite

Susanto, A. D. N. W., & Hari Suparwito. (2023). SVM-PSO Algorithm for Tweet Sentiment Analysis #BesokSenin. Indonesian Journal of Information Systems, 6(1), 36–47.