Isoflavon Kedelai Diperkaya dengan Zn sebagai Suplemen Antiarterosklerosis Wanita Premenopause


  • Hery Winarsi



Cholesterol total, LDL, TG, HDL, soy isoflavone & Zn, premenopausal women


This research was conducted to observe the effect of soy isoflavone and Zn on total
cholesterol, LDL, TG and HDL levels of premenopausal women. Thirty-three
premenopausal women in Purwokerto were given supplement containing soy isoflavone
and Zn during 2 months. In the control group (SO), 11 women were given placebo; in
the group SI, 11 women were given the supplement containing soy isoflavone; and in the
group SIZ, 11 women were given the supplement containing soy isoflavone and Zn.
Blood samples were taken 3 times, i.e. baseline, 1 and 2 month after intervention. One
ml of blood was taken by venoject-heparin, intravenously. Blood plasma was used to
determine total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and TG levels using spectrophotometer. Data
obtained were analysed by ANOVA. The total cholesterol, LDL, and TG plasma levels
decreased, from 189,27 to 151,63 mg/dl (p=0,02); from 138,97 to 93,93 mg/dl (p=0,004);
and from 208,81 to 121,09 mg/dl (p=0,012) respectively. On the contrary HDL level
increased, from 48,38 to 67,27 mg/dl (p=1,72E-05) after 2 months of intervention. Soy
isoflavone and Zn (SIZ) have potential as antiatherosclerosis supplement.