Kehadiran Mamalia pada Sesapan (Salt lick) di Hutan Lindung Taratak, Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan, Sumatera Barat

Wilson Novarino, Santi N Kamilah, Agung Nugroho, M. Nazri Janra, M. Silmi, M. Syafrie


The study of mammals visitation on salt licks in protected forest of Taratak, Southera
Coast of West Sumatra was conducted from June to September 2005 (in total 6840 Three camera traps were deployed separately on three salt lick areas.
Nine species of mammals were recorded during the study. Tapirus indicus was the
species most often photographed (13.5%), followed by Presbytis melalophos (11.3%) and
Sus scrofa (9.8%). This study also records the activity of human on salt licks areas. The
numbers of visitation of mammals on three salt licks area differed, both in the number
of species and the number of individual. The differences of mammal visitation on salt
licks were not affected by size, altitude, and distances from village. The results also
showed that there was time segregation when entering the salt licks area, both in
terrestrial mammals and primates.


Mammals, Salt licks, West Sumatra

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