Periode Pemijahan Spons Aaptos aaptos (Porifera: Demospongia) di Perairan Pulau Pari, Kepulauan Seribu, DKI Jakarta

Mujizat Kawaroe, Dedi Soedharma, Rahmadsyah Deny Siregar


The purpose of this research was to study spawning period of sponge Aaptos aaptos
at Pari Island, Thousand Islands, DKI Jakarta. The result showed that spawning
time occurred at 17.00-18.00, and within that time the sponge closed their osculum
to throw out the zygote leaving the body faster. The duration of spawning range
from 4 minutes to 41 minutes. Based on the lunar periode, spawning for sponge
Aaptos aaptos started from early new moon till few days after full moon. Spawning
mostly took place during spring tides. Based on the PCA analysis, it was found that
water temperature and pressure had strong correlation with spawning time.


spawning, Aaptos aaptos, sponge, Pari Island, lunar periode

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