Pengaruh Pemberian BAP dan NAA terhadap Pertumbuhan Krisan (Chrysanthemum morifolium, Ram.) dalam Kultur Jaringan


  • Yohana Theresia Maria Astuti
  • Neny Andayani



benzyl amino purine (BAP), naphtalene acetic acid (NAA), Chrysanthemum, in vitro


The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of combination benzyl amino purine
(BAP) and naphtalene acetid acid (NAA) on tissue culture of Chrysanthemum. The
experiment was conducted at The Tissue Culture Laboratory, Agriculture Faculty,
Stiper Agriculture Institute. The Completely Randomized Design was applied in this
experiment, consisting of two factors; those were BAP and NAA application. Each factor
consisted of four treatments. Each combination of treatment was carried out with nine
replications. The conclusion from this study were: Application of higher BAP and NAA
concentration increased budding of explant, whereas application of higher NAA than
BAP concentration increased the growth of bud and leaf number, also increased rooting
of explant.