Penambahan Tepung Cangkang Udang dalam Pakan Buatan Sebagai Penguat Warna Ikan Koi (Cyprinus carpio L.)


  • Arry Yusnita Saloh
  • Yuniarti Aida
  • Felicia Zahida



Astaxantine, color enhancement, Cyprinus carpio L var kohaku, Kruskall- Wallis Test, and Mann-Whitney Test.


Shrimp’s skin and carapace has been used as color enhancement. The shrimp’s skin
and carapace was pounded into flour and added to the commercial pellet available
locally. The shrimp’s flours contains red pigmen astaxanthine. The Koi’s used in this
experiment were two months old Cyprinus carpio L var kohaku. Five level of different
concentration of shrimp’s flour were used i.e. 5.7%, 8.5%, 11.4%, 14.2%, and 17.1%
respectively. Each aquarium contains three fishes were used in threeplicate and reared
for 8 weeks. Five main color or hue was observed i.e. Redish Orange, Pastel Orange,
Orange Red or Yellowish Red, Red and High Red or Vivid Red. 15 panelis have been
used to give their comments to the color enhancement. The results shows that the value
of the fish’s color didn’t change much, but the chrome intensity increase on week eight.
Statistical analysis of Kruskall-Wallis and Mann-Whitney Test shows that on the
concentration of shrimp flour of 11,4% was giving the best value for hue and chrome.
On the consentration of 14,2% and 17,1% the results were not strong enough. This is
probably because the concentration of the flour reaches maximum at 11,4% and giving
maksimum color enhancement level so that more additioing didn’t gave any change.