Bisnis <i>Vlogging</i> dalam Industri Media Digital di Indonesia


  • Jimi Narotama Mahameruaji Universitas Padjadjaran
  • Lilis Puspitasari Universitas Padjadjaran
  • Evi Rosfiantika Universitas Padjadjaran
  • Detta Rahmawan Universitas Padjadjaran



Vlog, Vlogger, YouTube, Media Digital, Media Sosial


This study explores the phenomenon of Vlogger as a new business in the digital media industry in Indonesia. Vlogger refer to social media users who regularly upload a variety of video content with various themes. We used case study to describe and analyze Youtube’s significant role in managing Vlogger communities, and also design support systems to make the communities growth and sustainable. We also explore Vlogger role as Online Influencer. This study is expected to be one of the references related to Vlogger phenomenon in the context of digital media studies in Indonesia.

Author Biographies

Jimi Narotama Mahameruaji, Universitas Padjadjaran

Program Studi Televisi dan Film

Lilis Puspitasari, Universitas Padjadjaran

Program Studi Televisi dan Film

Evi Rosfiantika, Universitas Padjadjaran

Program Studi Televisi dan Film

Detta Rahmawan, Universitas Padjadjaran

Program Studi Manajemen Komunikasi


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Mahameruaji, J. N., Puspitasari, L., Rosfiantika, E., & Rahmawan, D. (2022). Bisnis <i>Vlogging</i> dalam Industri Media Digital di Indonesia. Jurnal ILMU KOMUNIKASI, 15(1), 61–74. (Original work published June 2, 2018)



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