Peer Review Process

Reviewed manuscripts are original manuscripts that have been selected by editorial board and arranged according to the writing guidelines of Jurnal ILMU KOMUNIKASI. For some manuscripts, reviewing process could be conducted by multiple Reviewers. Consideration in determining the reviewers and its number, and the decision whether a manuscript is published or not, is determined by the editorial board based on the assessment and / or input from reviewers.

 Reviewer Eligibility

Reviewers of this journal are those, who hold minimum master degree in communication science. For confirmation please contact our email:

 Term & Condition for Jurnal ILMU KOMUNIKASI Reviewer
  1. Recommended by the editorial board and compliant to be assigned by the Editor in Chief.
  2. Agree and sign the Reviewer Form.
  3. Has the expertise in the field  that related to the focus of publication; communication science.
  4. Has the track record as writer of journal, book, and/or academic writings in communications.
  5. Agree to comply with the writing and publication requirements of Jurnal ILMU KOMUNIKASI.
  6. Deliver the clear reviewing result to the editorial board in writing.
  7. Receive compensation from the publisher in accordance to the funding policy of Jurnal ILMU KOMUNIKASI.