Author Guidelines

  1. We submit articles written in Indonesian
  2. Each article should be sent to our journal that has not been submitted or published in other magazines or journals. Plagiarism is prohibited.
  3. The article that may published in our journal must be taken through the process of blind review by reviewers who have been designated by the editor to consider things such as the relevance to the discipline of economics, correspondence between the title to the content, logic in the preparation, correspondence between reasoning and facts and the use of adequate reference
  4. If necessary, the editor reserves the right to change the sentence, without changing the intention to convey the author of the article.
  5. Articles typed with double spacing (double spacing) on A4 (8.5 x 11). Direct citation (more than three lines or more than 50 words) typed single-spaced (single spacing), separate from the body with indented writing style.
  6. Limit (margin) up and down, left and right at least 1 inch.
  7. Frontpage articles at least mention the title of the article and the author's identity.
  8. The abstract is presented at the beginning of the text in English and Indonesian and comprises between 100-400 words. Abstract followed by at least 4 (four) keywords (keywords) to facilitate the preparation of the article index.
  9. The length of the article is between 15-25 pages with Times New Roman with 12 font.
  10. Citations in the body of the text should be written between brackets open and closed parenthesis mentioning the author's last name, the year without a comma and the page number if necessary.
  11. All pages, including tables, attachments and references should be consecutively numbered pages. Each table and figure is consecutively numbered, and the title is according to the contents of the tables and figures as well as the source of the quotation.
  12. Reference is written in the American format Psychology Association (APA) style.
  13. Author Guidelines and Manuscript are available at
  14. All citation and bibliography writing activities must use MENDELEY software