KOMPOSISI ARCHITECTURE JOURNAL is a forum to collect and communicate research results and scientific concepts as well as knowledge in the field of architecture and built environment in the form of articles written based on research: research articles, articles on ideas (conceptual ideas), reviews of research processes , a review of new books, exposure to architect figures and their thoughts, and other scientific works related to architectural phenomena. The Kompisisi Architecture Journal was published for the first time in 2003, with 2 editions published every year, up to 2011. Since 2012 it has started to emerge with a new pattern, namely one volume consisting of 6 editions and each edition consisting of 7 articles. Since the publication of volume 13 in 2019, the Jurnal Arsitektur Komposisi has been published a year in one volume in the October and April editions. Each publication contains 7 scientific journal articles. This publication pattern is continued and applies further if there are no changes.

The Journal of Architecture Composition is published twice a year, in April and October. The deadline for submitting manuscripts for the April edition is no later than March the 1st, and the October edition is no later than September the 1st. Submissions after this deadline will be entered into the next period. Authors are requested to use the MENDELEY application to manage references to manuscripts, because since 2019 editing of journal manuscripts has been using MENDELEY and has become one of the requirements that must be met.

Jurnal Arsitektur Komposisi terbit 2 kali setahun, yaitu April dan Oktober. Batas waktu akhir penerimaan naskah untuk edisi April paling lambat 1 Maret, dan edisi Oktober paling lambat 1 September. Lewat batas tanggal tersebut akan dimasukkan periode terbit berikutnya. Mohon para penulis menggunakan aplikasi MENDELEY untuk mengelola referensi pada naskah, sebab sejak tahun 2019 editing naskah jurnal menggunakan MENDELEY dan menjadi salah satu syarat yang harus dipenuhi.


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Vol 15, No 1 (2021): Jurnal Arsitektur Komposisi

Cover Page
Jurnal Arsitektur Komposisi Vol. 15 No. 1, Oktober 2021#IN PRESS